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The KUNM news team's coverage of the 2020 legislative session and its impacts

LISTEN: Will New Mexico Try To Clean Up Politics?


KUNM Call In Show Thu. 01/14 8a: 

The state Legislature is getting ready to meet this month in Santa Fe and lawmakers will be focused on putting together a budget. But many people are hoping lawmakers will also address recent high-profile corruption cases and pass tougher measures to keep government clean. 

We're talking about:

  • Former Secretary of State Dianna Duran who resigned and went to prison after embezzling money from her campaign accounts.
  • Former Senator Phil Griego, who resigned after an ethics complaint charged that he made a fat commission on the sale of some state property that he had shepherded through the Legislature.
  • Revelations that Attorney General Hector Balderas is investigating more than 30 cases of campaign finance violations that could result in more than $150,000 in fines.

What do you want your senator and representative to do to clean up politics this year?
We'd like to hear from you! Email callinshow@kunm.org or call in live during the show, Thursday morning at 8 here on 89.9 KUNM. 


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