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UNM Student Creates First App Using Augmented Reality


Last summer, during an internship with a Silicon Valley-based startup, a University of New Mexico undergrad developed an app that allows users to visualize atoms in 3D using their smartphones.  "AR Atom Visualizer" is also the first app to use Google’s new augmented reality technology, ARCore.  The app is available for download on Google Play from the startup, Signal Garden.

Jonathan Barndt is now a junior in UNM's Computer Science Department.  "There are companies out there who have taken a lot of investment" in this brand new technology, says Jonathan, "and they haven't produced any solid results yet, so it's still a field that people are experimenting with."

In this more complete version of the interview, Jonathan discusses how the AR Atom Visualizer could potentially be used in scientific research.


Watch the AR Atom Visualizer in use in this video produced by UNM's Engineering Department.