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Let's Talk Access To SNAP

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Let's Talk New Mexico 4/26 8a: Call 277-5866. We're talking about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and whether people in our state can access it. We'll also talk about the Farm Bill proposed in Congress, which would increase work requirements for people using SNAP, along with other changes. Have you applied for SNAP? How did the process go for you? Or what do you think of work requirements for people participating in this programs? How can people in New Mexico get the food they need? Email, tweet #letstalkNM or call in live during the show. 

READ: New Mexico's Delegation On The Farm Bill And SNAP

Three decades ago, single working mom Debra Hatten-Gonzales suddenly had her wages cut. She filed for food assistance and Medicaid, but paperwork hassles dragged on for weeks. Her case became part of a class-action lawsuit on behalf of people in New Mexico who are eligible under federal law for emergency help in times of financial crisis. A legal agreement was drawn up in court: The state would fix problems in how it processed applications, and then it would be over. But 30 years later, the Human Services Department and the Income Support Division still struggle to deliver, and the case is ongoing. 


NOTE: KUNM reached out to the Human Services Department (which oversees the Income Services Division) multiple times to invite them to the show to share their perspective. We also reached out to the Governor's Office. We got no response. KUNM also invited Paul Kennedy, the attorney representing the state in the SNAP case, who was unavailable.
Part two of the show coming on Thursday, May 10.


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