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Santa Fe Braces For Another Big Storm

Elizabeth Lee in Santa Fe
Flooding from Monday's storm in Santa Fe's Salvador Perez park on Thursday morning.

Santa Fe emergency management officials are bracing for another big thunderstorm Thursday just days after 2 to 3 inches of rain fell in a monster storm on Monday.


Drainage systems in Santa Fe were built to handle one to two inches of water within 24 hours. After Monday’s storm, city cleanup crews are still removing debris.

"We're definitely prioritizing areas and sending our engineers all over," said Regina Wheeler with the city of Santa Fe, "and making sure there's culverts clear so that water can flow tonight."

Santa Fe could see up to two inches of rain Thursday night.   

Mayor Alan Webber declared a state of emergency Wednesday, which frees up the city to start applying for money to repair flood damage.

To report flood damage or request debris cleanup, call the city’s  constituent services department at (505) 955-6949.