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Albuquerque To Begin Ticketing Cars Parked In Bike Lanes

Blaxtar Essentials via Pexels

You know all those striped narrow lanes for cyclists on Albuquerque streets? Starting next month, you’ll no longer be able to block those bike lanes when you park your car.

Parking in a bike lane has always been illegal in Albuquerque, but starting Feb. 1, the city will be issuing tickets and fines.  

Lee Anne Ratzlaff said this will be a good thing for both drivers and cyclists. She’s with Bike Burque.

“It’s really essential for cyclists to be able to have a clear path of transport,” said Ratzlaff. “If we don’t, then we veer into traffic and it puts ourselves at risk. It complicates and confuses drivers. It really limits the flow of traffic.”

Bicycle safety is a problem in New Mexico. Last year, 9 cyclists were killed in car accidents, according the New Mexico Department of Transportation. That’s up from just 2 in 2017.

Here's a map of all the bike routes and lanes in Albuquerque. 

Bryce Dix is our new local host for NPR's Morning Edition.
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