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Let's Talk About Love and Valentines

Wiki, Creative Commons

  Let's Talk New Mexico 2/13 8am: It’s Valentine’s Day and we’re going to be talking about love. From how a baker and chocolatier’s creations come from a place of affection and care, to how a spectacular annual Valentine in an Albuquerque neighborhood shows love for more than just its recipient—and even how love itself can be a radical act.


We want to hear from you! Tell us about the loves in your life  and how you’re celebrating them this week. Email us Letstalk@KUNM.org, tweet to us at #LetsTalkNM, or call in live during the show.



Mello’s Emergency Earl Grey Truffles


  • Heavy cream            1 1/4 cup
  • Earl grey tea leaves. 1/4cup
  • Dark chocolate.         10 oz


  • Dark chocolate (for coating) 7 oz
  • Cocoa powder.      1 cup
  1. In a small saucepan bring heavy cream and tea leaves to a simmer. Once up to a simmer, turn off heat and allow to set for two minutes. 
  2. Chop up dark chocolate into small pieces and place in a metal bowl. Using a strainer, strain the warm cream into the chocolate. Discard the tea leaves. Stir the warm cream and chocolate until the chocolate is completely melted.
  3. Cover chocolate and allow to set up for about four hours. You want the chocolate to be firm and scoopable.
  4. Using a tablespoon or small scoop, scoop the chocolate out to form small balls. You can also roll in your hands to make small balls.
  5. Place in refrigerator for about 15 minutes and allow to get firm. 
  6. To make the coating, place the 7 oz of chocolate in a metal bowl over a sauce pot of boiling water. Stir continuously. Once chocolate is melted completely, remove from heat and add the remaining 3 oz of chocolate and stir until completely melted.
  7. Using a fork, drop the firmed chocolate balls into the melted chocolate. Put 1 cup of cocoa powder into a bowl and drop the coated truffles into the powder. Roll around until coated. Place coated truffles onto a piece of parchment paper. Allow to set.
  8. Place truffles in small cupcake papers and serve!
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