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Fired: Tales of Jobs Gone Bad - Labor Day Special

Sun. 9/5 - Most of us who earn a living have at one time or another been fired - let go, downsized, outsourced, canned. Just ask actress and commentator Annabelle Gurwitch.Shortly after landing a part in a play directed by her idol, Woody Allen, Annabelle Gurwitch was fired because of so-called "creative differences" between her and the director. Gurwitch channeled her disbelief and bitterness into something more constructive, creating the show you're about to hear. She began calling up her friends and colleagues, and found that everyone had a compelling and often hilarious story to tell.

Fired: Tales of Jobs Gone Bad was created by Annabelle Gurwitch, with a little help from her friends Carl Capotorto, Jason Kravits, Paul F. Tompkins, Jim Turner, Charlayne Woodard, and Roy Zimmerman.