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Rio 1: Samba at the Dawn of Modern Brazil

Fora do Eixo

Fri. 6/14 10p: In Part one of our Hip Deep series on samba, we travel back in time to Rio de Janeiro in early 20th century to explore the birth of Brazil’s most iconic sound: samba. Beginning with the arrival of poor nordestinos in the city after the end of slavery in 1888, we follow the exploits of the early sambistas as they forged the genre that would come to represent the nation.

Brazilian scholar Carlos Sandroni shows us how Afro-Brazilian religious music and popular styles like the modinha transformed into the syncopated samba beat. Then, media scholar Bryan McCann guides us through the glamour and political intrigue of 1930s Rio as samba explodes as the popular music of choice throughout the country.

Plus, we speak with samba greats from the old guard to the young bloods including Yvone Lara, Wilson Batista, Alfredo del Penha, and Luciana Rabelo.

With the help of archival radio and TV recordings, we hear sounds past and present to paint a dynamic portrait of Rio’s living history.