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Two Pillars Of KUNM

Francis "FM"Montoya and Barry Lauesen came from very different backgrounds. Francis hailed from  small Indigenous Pueblos of the Rio Grande Valley rooted in ancient cultures. Barry was born into the burgeoning  metropolis of Los Angeles,  land of Hollywood, the car and surf culture. Yet both men were strikingly similar. Finding common ground at KUNM beginning in the early 1970s, the two were superbly creative and gifted deejays who pursued their craft with boundless determination and energy.

Francis and Barry were both deeply committed to community and public radio, the people of New Mexico and the special land in which they lived. Wracking up more than 80 years of volunteer service at KUNM between them,  Francis and Barry devoted their lives to delivering meaningful  and quality programming  to the public. Epitomizing volunteer dedication, they were two unshakeable pillars of KUNM. Read more:www.kunmmemories.org