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Child Support Collectors Intercept Federal Recovery Checks - Associated Press

New Mexico has increased annual child support collections by $18 million as it intercepts federal economic impact payments to parents whose children do not live with them. 

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US Judge Dismisses New Mexico Privacy Claims Against GoogleSusan Montoya Bryan, Associated Press

A U.S. district judge has dismissed New Mexico’s privacy claims against Google, but New Mexico's top prosecutor vowed Monday to continue the legal fight to protect child privacy rights.

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Climatologist: Dry Areas In US Southwest Getting DrierSusan Montoya Bryan,  Associated Press

New Mexico’s state climatologist says the fingerprints of climate change are evident in the persistent drought that's plaguing the American Southwest. Dave DuBois says dry areas are becoming drier due to a semi-permanent high-pressure system over the West that has become stronger in recent years.

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Push To Reopen Private Schools Arrives In Federal Court – Morgan Lee, Associated Press

A federal judge is weighing whether pandemic-related occupancy limits for private schools in New Mexico violate constitutional rights to equal protection and freedom of assembly.

A federal judge heard preliminary arguments Wednesday without ruling in a case being closely watched by educators and the Trump administration.

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New Mexico Objects To License For Nuclear Fuel Storage Plan— Susan Montoya Bryan, Associated Press

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Albuquerque lost an influential anti-racism activist and educator this summer. Bahati Myhelatu Ansari died from lymphocytic leukemia at 72 years old on June 27, 2020. She was the founder of the “Racism Free Zone” program for schools, which she started in Oregon about 30 years ago after her sons experienced racist attacks in junior high school. KUNM's Yasmin Khan met up with Ansari’s son Elliotte Cook at his mother’s favorite spot in Albuquerque, Tingley Beach, to talk about his mother and her legacy.

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Let's Talk New Mexico 9/24, 8a: The coronavirus pandemic has shut down performance venues and music festivals around the country. That's left many musicians with cancelled shows and tours, and struggling to connect with fans and make money.

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Albuquerque Police Say Overall Crime Down 5% In All CategoriesAlbuquerque Journal, Associated Press

Albuquerque police officials say overall crime in the city is down 5% across all categories in the first six months of 2020, compared with the first half of last year and 15% since 2018.

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Navajo Judge Halts Operations At Hemp Farms Near ShiprockAssociated Press

A Navajo Nation judge is halting operations at nine hemp farms in northwestern New Mexico as part of a legal fight between a businessman and the tribe's Department of Justice.

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The census is one of the more important events in our democracy. Every 10 years each person is counted so that resources can be allocated, programs created, and a general understanding of the population is had. It should be a clean process. Should be. The 2020 census has proven to be anything but clean. Mud has been thrown on the process, as people and institutions attempt to manipulate the numbers, subsequently stripping power from some and giving it to others. Peppered throughout this episode is an editorial from NoMoNo about why the census matters: The state is counting on us to be counted. If you haven't completed the census form yet, do it now. It only takes a few minutes. Click here to get started.

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The board of the Albuquerque Social Club has a little over a month to save what’s widely known as the longest-running LGBTQ bar in New Mexico’s largest city. The board announced in late August that the private club, referred to as "the SOCH" by its members, would be closing after nearly 40 years on historic Route 66, unable to weather the shutdown and resulting economic hardship of the coronavirus pandemic. However, after an offer of financial relief, the SOCH has been given a fighting chance.

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Report Finds Albuquerque Police Misconduct Cases SkyrocketKOAT-TV, Associated Press

The number of policies violated at the Albuquerque Police Department skyrocketed 275%, and suspension jumped more than 350%.


New Mexico Governor Eases Some COVID-19 RestrictionsAssociated Press

New Mexico children can practice sports and develop skills while in small groups and residents will soon be able to camp at state parks under changes being made to the state's public health order.

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New Mexico Winds Down Trump's $300 Unemployment SupplementAssociated Press

New Mexico labor officials say a $300 weekly federal supplement to unemployment benefits expired on Sept. 5, as payments continue for backdated claims.

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Plan To Remove Colonialism Monuments In Santa Fe Stalls – Santa Fe New Mexican, Associated Press

The fate of monuments linked to Spanish colonialism and violence against Native Americans in Santa Fe remains unclear months after the city's mayor called for their removal. 

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The Black New Mexico Movement held a rally on Saturday, Sept. 12, in Rio Rancho, the more conservative, smaller city that neighbors Albuquerque. Fifty or 60 people gathered to speak out against racism, marking the 24th anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s death and continuing the hip-hop artist’s activism against police brutality and racial injustice. A larger crowd of opposing demonstrators showed up and antagonized the group. 

The Leeches of Lore

Sep 14, 2020

The Leeches came into the studio late one night in October of 2014 for a live session on Music to Soothe the Savage Beast.  Steve Hammond on electric guitar and vocals, Noah Wolters on the keys, and Andy Lutz on drums.  Engineered by Simon Welter.  DJ Caterwaul hosted the show.

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New Mexico Reports  81 New Confirmed COVID-19 CasesAssociated Press

New Mexico health officials have announced 81 new confirmed COVID-19 cases.

That includes 11 new cases among state inmates at the Lea County Correctional Facility.

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The crew at NoMoNo headquarters takes a look at where we’ve been since the pandemic started, reflecting a little—hard to find time to do it when we’re all stuck in an unending news cycle. But hopefully, this is a pleasant look back if you’ve been hanging in there with us. We want to thank all of you who listened to the show when it was Your New Mexico Government back in March—you know, 1,000 years ago.

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Panel Says New Mexico's Outdoor Future Tied To Access, Education - By Susan Montoya Bryan Associated Press

New Mexico officials say the key to boosting the economics of outdoor recreation will require educational initiatives for school children as well as improved access and a new workforce.


Late last year, Nahje Flowers, a lineman for UNM’s football team, died by suicide after a long battle with depression noted by family and friends. His family is suing the university, the NCAA and former head coach Bob Davie, who they say ignored Flowers’ pleas for help and time off and forced him to keep playing. They’re represented by Ben Crump, the nationally known lawyer, who’s also bringing cases forward on behalf of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, among others. KUNM’s Khalil Ekulona spoke with Crump and Mica Hilaire, who is the lead attorney on the lawsuit.

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Albuquerque Police Chief Stepping Down This FallKOB-TV, Albuquerque Journal, Associated Press

Albuquerque's police chief is stepping down. Mayor Tim Keller announced Thursday that Police Chief Michael Geier will retire this fall, with Deputy Chief Harold Medina taking over as acting chief next week.

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About a quarter of COVID-19 patients in nursing homes die, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.


6 Western States Blast Utah Plan To Tap Colorado River Water - By Sam Metz, Associated Press/Report For America

Six states in the U.S. West that rely on the Colorado River have rebuked a plan to build an underground pipeline to transport billions of gallons of water to Utah.

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Let's Talk New Mexico 9/8, 8a: Voting rights are the bedrock of American democracy, yet for many people, that right is not a reality. Voter suppression has a long history in the United States and has largely affected people of color and women. On this week’s call-in show, we will focus on the white supremacist roots of voter suppression and how they affect the COVID-impacted 2020 election. We will explore felon voter laws and the fragile history of voting rights for Black people and Native Americans.

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New Mexico GOP Unveils 'Fair Deal' Plan To Flip Legislature - By Russell Contreras, Associated Press

New Mexico Republicans say they have unveiled a "moderate agenda" around economic development in a bid to capture the state House and Senate.

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New Mexico Film Industry To Resume Some Production WorkSanta Fe New Mexican, Associated Press

New Mexico officials have approved the start of production work by film crews in a sign the industry could soon be back in business after a suspension because of the coronavirus.

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 As the summer season transitions into fall, it is important to note that September, the ninth month of the year, isn’t just for football and the start of school. It is also a month to raise awareness of suicide prevention and recovery. Both are already long-standing issues in our society—especially here in New Mexico. Coupled with the pandemics of COVID-19 and racism, hard feelings and thoughts can balloon. Left unattended or unnoticed, these issues lead to tragedy. But can we stop those tragedies before they happen? Talking things out and finding resources are two key solutions, and Episode 8 is full of options. This week we talk with counselors, therapists and people looking to help with an open ear, willing to hear about your problems and help you work through them. Because the world as it is today demands flexibility, but it’s tough to adjust to what you can’t see. 


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Medicaid Enrollment Strains Public Finances In New Mexico - By Morgan Lee, Associated Press

Enrollment in Medicaid has increased by nearly 7% in New Mexico since the outset of the coronavirus pandemic as employers shed jobs and more families enter into poverty.

New Mexico Eases Interstate Travel, Hotel RestrictionsAssociated Press

New Mexico is easing its self-quarantine requirements for some interstate travelers in advance of the Labor Day holiday.