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US Moves Ahead With Oil Leases Near Sacred Park - By Susan Montoya Bryan, Associated Press

U.S. land managers will move forward in March with the sale of oil and gas leases that include land near Chaco Culture National Historical Park and other sites sacred to Native American tribes.

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State law prohibits public school students from using medical cannabis on campus. Lawmakers in Santa Fe advanced a bill Tuesday that would change that.

As part of our legislative coverage, we’re partnering with New Mexico PBS on weekly Facebook Live interviews on legislative topics. 

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New Mexico lawmakers on Wednesday, Jan. 30, moved legislation forward that changes the way people who are under 18 are treated when they’re accused of prostitution. Instead of being arrested and subject to criminal punishment, they could be given treatment and services.

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Senate Panel Advances Bill Overhauling Water Commission – Associated Press

A measure that would overhaul the process for making appointments to a powerful commission charged with protecting, conserving and developing water resources across drought-stricken New Mexico has passed its first legislative hurdle.

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A bill that will allow people with terminal illnesses to get medical help to end their lives made it through a legislative committee Monday.

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New Mexico Governor Joins Alliance Against Climate ChangeAssociated Press

The Democratic governor of New Mexico is committing the state to aggressive targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and endorsing goals of the 2015 Paris climate agreement to limit global warming.

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Let’s Talk New Mexico 1/31 8a: Politicians are promising to boost the economy in New Mexico and slow our warming climate with renewable energy and green jobs. It’s being called a Green New Deal. People in New Mexico have heard talk of this before. So what's worked? What hasn't? How about our new governor, and our congressional leaders—many of whom campaigned on green jobs? What green economy promises do you want to make sure don’t die on the vine?

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You know all those striped narrow lanes for cyclists on Albuquerque streets? Starting next month, you’ll no longer be able to block those bike lanes when you park your car.

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Former New Mexico Rep. Henry "Kiki" Saavedra, 81, DiesAssociated Press

New Mexico Democratic House Speaker Brian Egolf has announced former state Rep. Henry "Kiki" Saavedra has died.

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Albuquerque Public Schools is grappling with how to respond to critics who say the district disrespects and ignores Native American culture and history.

A public meeting APS held last week underscored a disconnect between what the district is promising and the systemic changes that many people want to see.

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Governor Picks 2 For State Supreme Court– Associated Press

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has named two district judges to fill a pair of vacancies on the New Mexico Supreme Court.

The governor on Friday announced Shannon Bacon and David K. Thomson as her choices for the high court. They will replace recently retired Justices Charles Daniels and Petra Maes.

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Albuquerque Public Schools held an open meeting Thursday night in response to the October incident in which students say a Cibola High School teacher used a racial slur and cut the hair of a Native American student. Parents, students and advocates told school officials that the district’s response has been too little and too late. 

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Lawmakers have advanced a package of gun control bills in the state legislature.


There are two bills that would expand background checks. Another would keep guns away from people convicted of domestic violence or who have a restraining order against them. And one is meant to prevent suicides.


Of all the great Broadway choreographers, the late Bob Fosse was perhaps the most distinctive.  His style was immediately recognizable in shows like Chicago and Pippin and films like Cabaret and All That Jazz.  One of the best interpreters of the Fosse style is dancer and choreographer Ann Reinking, and she's in Albuquerque now setting the distinctive Fosse choreography on students at the National Dance Institute of New Mexico.  Public performances are February 22 and 23 at the Hiland Theatre.

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Bill Seeks Recreational, Taxable Marijuana For New MexicoAssociated Press

Democratic legislators have introduced a bill to regulate and tax recreational marijuana sales for people 21 and older across New Mexico.

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New Mexico Governor Names Education Leadership Team Associated Press

An expert in professional development for teachers from Las Cruces has been named as New Mexico's secretary of public education as the state grapples with a court order to increase school resources for struggling children from minority and low-income families.

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President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policies have fueled anxiety among undocumented youth in New Mexico. There are local factors that cause stress, too, and there are a few things young folks can do that might help them feel better.

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A private company called Holtec wants to store nuclear waste from the country’s power plants in New Mexico. A panel of three judges from the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board started hearing from opponents to the plan Wednesday, Jan. 23, and will consider which of their challenges are legal.

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Key Panel OKs New Mexico Teacher Salary Bill – Associated Press

A key committee has approved a proposal that would incrementally increase minimum salaries for New Mexico teachers and principals.

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Let’s Talk New Mexico 1/24 8a: Fixing inequalities in New Mexico’s public school system is a top priority for lawmakers this year. This Thursday morning we’ll explore how to do this huge, complicated task and balance the needs of so many diverse students.  Are you an educator, an administrator, a student, a parent? Do you have your own ideas on how to create equity in public schools? We'd like to hear from you! Email LetsTalk@KUNM.org or call in live during the show.

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Senator Denounces 'Cruelty' Of Federal ShutdownAssociated Press

U.S. Sen. Tom Udall says more than 10,800 federal workers in New Mexico have been furloughed or are working without pay under the partial federal government shutdown.

New Mexico Considers Legalizing Medically Assisted Suicide - Associated Press

New Mexico lawmakers are considering whether to legalize medically assisted suicide for terminally ill patients.

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Proposal Could Make New Mexico A 'Sanctuary State'– Associated Press

A New Mexico bill could turn the state with the nation's largest percentage of Hispanic residents into a "sanctuary state."

Identical Democratic proposals in the New Mexico House and Senate would prevent state agencies from cooperating with federal immigration authorities and limit the authority of sheriffs and jails to hold federal immigrant detainees.

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Congress decided in the ’90s how much nuclear waste could be deposited into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in southern New Mexico. WIPP is the only place in the country this radioactive garbage can be stored permanently. But when the feds hit the limit, the facility is supposed to close.

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Proposal Could Make New Mexico A 'Sanctuary State' - By Russell Contreras, Associated Press

A New Mexico bill could turn the state with the nation's largest percentage of Hispanic residents into a "sanctuary state."

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2 Taken To Hospitals After New Mexico AvalancheAssociated Press

A New Mexico ski resort says two people are being taken to hospitals after they were pulled from an avalanche near its highest summit.

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Nationally, about 43,000 immigration court hearings have been canceled as a result of the federal government shutdown. It’s estimated that 20,000 more will be nixed every week from here on out as long as the political standoff over a border wall continues. Here in New Mexico, immigration lawyers and their clients are feeling the effects.

Let's Talk New Mexico 1/17 8a: How is the partial federal government shutdown playing out in New Mexico as it drags on for its fourth week with no end in sight? Over 10,000 federal workers here are either furloughed or working and not getting paid. Residents are also having trouble getting healthcare, selling products, finalizing loans and deciding how much crops to plant this year. How is the shutdown affecting you and people you know? 

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Shutdown-Related Unemployment Cases Surge In New Mexico - Associated Press

More than 1,300 furloughed federal workers in New Mexico have applied for unemployment benefits that would act as a short-term loan.

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Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham made it clear in her State of the State address today that she wants abortion to remain an option for New Mexico women.