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Several severe storms have rattled New Mexico this summer, one of which closed Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument.

The Bureau of Land Management in Albuquerque made a special trip on Monday to clear debris that had floated over the the access road, into the slot canyon trail and across other areas at the monument, which had been closed since Aug 11.

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Millions in federal funding has been up in the air for the Albuquerque Rapid Transit system, or ART, since its construction in 2016. The money’s now a sure thing. Mayor Tim Keller announced on Tuesday the Federal Transit Authority will be pitching in $75 million for the ART line. 

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Oil Boom May Provide Windfall To NM Public Schools- Associated Press

A surge in New Mexico's income linked to an oil boom may give legislators an extra $1.2 billion dollars to work with as they craft the next annual budget, state economists announced Wednesday.

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When a hospital or doctor’s office sees a patient who doesn’t speak English, federal law requires the institution to hire an interpreter. But the need for professional language services in New Mexico far exceeds the supply. An Albuquerque organization, Valley Community Interpreters (VCI), is hoping to change that.

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New Mexico’s struggled for years with how to handle Real ID and created a two-tiered system where people have an option for an alternative license or identification card. A legal settlement announced on Tuesday, Aug. 21, will force the Motor Vehicle Division to accept more types of documentation for people who opt out of Real ID.

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New Mexico Gets $3.7M To Tighten Election Cyber Security- Associated Press

New Mexico is receiving $3.7 million dollars from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to tighten cyber security, safeguard voter registration rolls and otherwise improve voting systems.

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Let's Talk New Mexico 8/23 8a: Allergies to foods like nuts, milk and seafood are on the rise, and they can be life-threatening. As New Mexico students settle into a new school year, we'll look at what teachers and school staff are doing to look out for all children.

Do your kids have allergies? How does it go for them at school? Have you been able to access life-saving medication like an EpiPen? Email LetsTalk@kunm.org or call in live during the show at 277-5866.

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APS Seeks State Funding For School Security UpgradesAssociated Press

Seventy schools in the Albuquerque Public School district could get security upgrades if state lawmakers approve the district’s application for additional funding.

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The University of New Mexico Board of Regents voted again Friday to cut four sports teams at the university because of lack of funding and a lack of equal opportunity for women athletes.  

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UNM Regents Vote Again To Cut Sports– Associated Press

University of New Mexico regents have voted again in favor of cutting men's soccer and three other teams in an effort to get spending under control within the school's troubled athletics department.

The cuts also are aimed at meeting federal Title IX requirements for ensuring gender equity.

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Legislators Call Out Regents On Sports Cuts- Associated Press

The leader of an influential legislative committee is asking regents at the University of New Mexico to slow down and work with state lawmakers to address financial problems and Title IX compliance before moving to cut men's soccer and other sports.

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Authorities Say Remains At New Mexico Compound Are Missing Boy- Associated Press

Authorities say human remains found at a New Mexico desert compound have been identified as those of a missing Georgia boy with severe disabilities.

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A New Mexico nonprofit health insurance company is suing the federal government for a second time over regulations it says drive up insurance premiums and threaten smaller insurers.

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Judge Orders Change To Cause Of Death In Mary Han Case – Albuquerque Journal

A judge ruled today that the death certificate should be changed for once-prominent Albuquerque civil rights lawyer Mary Han from “suicide” to “undetermined,” the Albuquerque Journal reports.

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Compound Defendants To Be Released Pending Trial - Associated Press

A state judge has denied a request by prosecutors to keep in jail the two men and three women who were arrested during a raid at a New Mexico compound as they await trial on child abuse charges.

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New Mexico Local Districts To See Election Costs Jump- Hobbs News-Sun, Associated Press


Lea County school districts, hospital districts and the New Mexico Junior College all will likely see jumps in election costs next year because of the state's new local election law.

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New Mexico School Shooter Visited 'Neo-Nazi' Sites– Associated Press andThe Daily Times

A new report says a man accused of killing two students during a New Mexico school shooting visited "Neo-Nazi” websites and sought out people obsessed with school shootings.

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Opponents of a planned project to house homeless people came out in force to a meeting Thursday night in the Four Hills neighborhood in southeast Albuquerque.

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Let's Talk New Mexico 8/16 8a: Did you know that you can check out cake pans, WiFi hotspots and ukuleles from Albuquerque Public Libraries? You can skip expensive gym bills and work out for free—lift weights, get on a cardio machine—at some community centers. What do you know about that's free? What free resources do you find useful? What do you wish was offered for free? Email LetsTalk@kunm.org, tweet with #LetsTalkNM or call in live during the show. 

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AG Says Vote To Cut University's Sports Programs Violated LawAlbuquerque Journal, Associated Press

The New Mexico Attorney General's Office says a decision to cut four sports at the University of New Mexico was in violation of the state's open meetings law and could be invalid.


Suspended from the ceiling is a herd of blue buffalo, seventy-five of them, flying on wings.  The buffalo tell the story of thousands of Native American children who, from the 17th Century through the 19th, were abducted from their families and enslaved on ranches and in homes across the Southwest.  The Flying Blue Buffalo installation is the creation of veteran Santa Fe artist Armond Lara, and it's on view starting August 17 at the Santa Fe gallery, form & concept.

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Bernalillo County is planning to build a village of tiny homes for people experiencing homelessness. But it’s facing some opposition.

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Officials Say Identity Of Deceased Child Is Expected Today Associated Press

Sheriff's officials expect to learn from medical examiners the identity today of a child whose remains were found at the site of a New Mexico compound that authorities raided last week in search of a missing boy.

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Horrifying and fatal cases of child abuse and neglect are pervasive in New Mexico. People here are asking the question: How do we stop this? Nationally, evidence is showing that prevention is the key.

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Nearly 500 New Mexicans died by suicide in 2015, and more than half of those deaths involved a gun. Lawmakers are looking at decreasing gun-related suicides in the state through a new bill.

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Prosecutor Says Man At Compound Trained Kids For School Shootings- Associated Press

The father of a missing Georgia boy was training children at a New Mexico compound to commit school shootings, prosecutors said in court documents obtained Wednesday, as authorities waited to learn if human remains found at the site were those of the boy.

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Seven red states filed a lawsuit in May arguing that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, or DACA, is unconstitutional because Congress never voted on it. A District Court judge in Texas will hear arguments on Wednesday, Aug. 8, about whether to issue an emergency halt to DACA.


Let's Talk New Mexico 8/9 8a: One way to help make cities more affordable and accessible is to increase density. If housing is close to businesses, schools and entertainment, people can utilize public transportation and take advantage of new amenities. But some neighborhood leaders in Albuquerque worry that new development in the city may push out existing residents. How can we balance both needs? We'd like to hear from you! Email LetsTalk@kunm.org, tweet with #LetsTalkNM, or call in live during the show. 

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Remains Of Boy Found At New Mexico Compound- Associated Press

A New Mexico sheriff says searchers have found the remains of a boy on property where authorities raided a makeshift compound last week in search of a missing Georgia child.

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Kids Found In Rags In New Mexico Amid Tale Of Guns, Exorcism- Associated Press

A raid on a New Mexico desert compound turned up 11 children wearing rags and living in filth, and also broke open a bizarre tale of guns, exorcism, and a search for a missing young boy who suffers from seizures and is nowhere to be found.