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Mate's moment at the Copa


OK, changing gears - if you are even a casual soccer fan, you know that two major championships are underway right now - the Euros and the Copa America.


In the Copa, the U.S. has sadly flamed out, but that is a story for another day.

KELLY: Indeed. Now, if you are following closely, you might have noticed something, something that unifies two of the remaining favorites in that tournament, Uruguay and Argentina.

SUMMERS: I'm thinking. I'm thinking. OK, I give up. Tell me.

KELLY: Yeah, I wouldn't have guessed, either. But they are two nations with a shared love for a particular drink - yerba mate.

SUMMERS: OK, so if I've got this right, yerba mate is not quite a tea. It's an infusion, and it's made out of herbs. And it's traditionally prepared in a gourd and sipped through a metal straw.

KELLY: Yep, you got it. And players at the Copa America have been spotted exiting their team buses with their mates, which kind of makes sense because it's not like, you know, a drive-thru coffee. Part of the whole point of the yerba mate is that it is communal. It's meant to be shared with - I don't know - like, 10 of your best friends after a match.

SUMMERS: Now, if the 2010 World Cup gave the world the vuvuzela...


SUMMERS: ...That noisemaker that sounds like an elephant with the air horn, maybe the 2024 Copa America will make more fans out of the more soothing yerba mate.

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