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Adam Aguirre

Host - Route 66

Adam is the Host of Route 66 and a member of the KUNM Raices Collective.

Adam joined the Raices Collective in Aug. 2005 because he wanted to meet the people behind the great shows that had been the soundtrack to life with his kids. He quickly learned that each member and the Collective as a whole does more than just play music: each show is an opportunity to enrich, educate, enlighten the community by presenting the variety of people, traditions, and values that are part of a larger Latino culture, and each Raices member does so in his/her own unique way. The challenge is to seek out those ideas, agenda, and leaders, and present them in a fresh, relevant, fair and accurate light, every week. Adam know's that the Raices Collective strives for and accomplishes this overall goal, and hopes that he has contributed, even in a small way, to helping the Collective do this at KUNM. It is his privilege to be part of the Raices Collective.