Maria Elena Ipiotis


Mary has been a member of the KUNM Raices (roots) Colectiva since 2002. She happily hosts a couple of programs a month; Saturday afternoon 2-5PM, occasional Salsa Sabrosa Show Friday nights from 7-10PM and/or the Fri/Sat morning 2-6AM Overnight Freeform Program. During the Saturday afternoon time slots she hosts, listeners are apt to hear a lot of easy to take Bossa Nova, Samba, Latin Jazz, Mariachi, Nuevo Flemenco and Chill-out Latin Lounge music.  It's the rhythm, passion heard & felt in music that inspires her to share it with the family of listeners.

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Sol Fire

Aug 13, 2019

On Saturday, August 10, 2019, radio host and DJ, Maria Elena Ipiotis had guests Amado & Buddy Abeyta visit the KUNM studio. She spoke with them and they played a few songs live as well as a few off of their new EP.

Roberta Cole

Sat. 8/10/19 Raices:  Musical guests, Sol Fire of Santa Fe, include brothers Amado and Buddy Abeyta, guitarists, vocalists and song writers. The second generation musicians began their musical odessy as children who grew-up around a musical culture encompassing song writing, rehersals, and stage performances of their father and leader of Santa Fe's, Lumbre del Sol who were hotter than July around the New Mexico music world in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

7.27.19 Raíces "Los Indie Rockers" Angel Garcia, Carlos Mendoza, Mina Gonzalez & Evan Rico, with Maria Elena