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Scott MacNicholl "The Doctor"


Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico! I grew up in a household that loved music. When I was 14 going on 15 years of age, I began listening to KUNM. It was this experience that cemented my love for radio and especially the free-form nature of the DJ’s production. Daily I discovered new musical artists that just had to be added to my personal music library. Wherever I have traveled, I have sought out ‘good radio stations’ to satisfy my quest to hear and collect great music!

Returning to New Mexico in the late 1990s at the end of a career in the U.S. Navy, I rediscovered KUNM and more specifically the Saturday night programs! Recalling the suggestions of many close friends over the years that I should be a ’radio DJ,” I knew I had to become part of this musical radio programming!

In August of 1997, I hosted my first radio program at KUNM, Freeform, on an overnight shift! In 2006 I began hosting the Psychedelic Radio Head~Shoppe fully manifesting a dream of many years, to be the lead host of a weekly radio program on KUNM!