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9/15 Alb--The first to staff a southern NM office for Senator Udall, Xochitl Torres Small is not new to working with Washington.

9/15, Alb.--After 8 years as a Representative in Santa Fe, Herrell wants to carry on her issues in the U.S. House.

Sat 4/21--New Mexico has had a Land Commissioner since 1899, even before becoming a state. The Commissioner administers 9 million acres of surface and 12 million of subsurface land to generate revenue for public institutions in New Mexico. If elected, Stephanie Garcia Richard will be the first woman to hold the office.

Sat, 9/30/2017. Linda M. Grasso shows how and why feminism and O’Keeffe are inextricably connected in popular culture and scholarship.

Sat., 5/26--Retired from leading the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation, Herrera is eager for change in New Mexico. "I decided that I can complain all I want or I can try to change things." Undaunted by running against an incumbent or by a "district the size of Connecticut," Herrera is ready to move from lobbying and working with legislators on early childhood issues to having a hand in improving economic development, education, and health in New Mexico.


Sat., 5/12--Former Democratic Party Chair, Deb Haaland wants to move her advocacy to Washington as a strong voice for the people of New Mexico.

Sat., 5/12/18--ASL would cast a law professor's eye to enhance Congress's role in federal balance of power.

She touts her experience as an advocate for immigrant victims of domestic violence and working for equity issues in New Mexico. Running as someone who is not a political insider, Antoinette says that it was former students who called for to get into the race, "We need your voice in Congress."

Endorsed by: Sierra Club, Latino Victory Fund, Committee for Hispanic Causes, Working Families, Blue America, PODER-Pac (pro-Choice Latinas), People for Bernie, Unions—IBEW, Building and Construction Trades; Congressional: Roybal-Allard, Grijalva, Gallego, Sanchez, Raskin; NM elected: Candelaria, Tallman, Lopez, Chasey, Garcia, Trujillo, Bearce, Hamilton, Tristani, Madrid, Canales




Sat, 5/12--Our first woman president will still have a hard time, but her road may be easier.

Sat. 4/21-If you are worried whether your vote will count or whether it will be counted, you can rest assured. Women's Focus talks to Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver.                                                                                              

Sat, 1/20-Meeting on DACA but leaving out the Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus? Grisham says, "No!"

12/16/17--Woman and Hollywood film critic Melissa Silverstein talked to Lady Bird director Gretta Gerwig after a screening of the film.

1/20-Mudbound, a film sweeping up excitement in the rounds of awards, is a haunting viewing experience.

Sat. 12/16 12p: Whether it be politicians or batterers who use power abusively, they all have the same objective-total control-and they often use similar methods to achieve and maintain that control.

Sat., 9/30-"We need to be vigilant to hold on to the gains that we have made in family planning,"

Russell Thurstons

Sat. 8/27 12p: What you need to know about physical exercise and health studies

Marketing expert shares methods to market ideas, not clothes.

7/22--"It's going to change but we're building the rules of the road now....

7/8-- How are women advancing the work environment? What roll will they play in the future?

From Irene, we hear about how other countries encourage boards of directors to include women; from Maggie-registering family friendly workplaces in NM; from Miriam--setting up a home office.

Sat, 6/17--Do women have power?  How do they exercise it when they do? Hear from legislators and former legislators.

Sat, 4/22: Domestic violence chief looks at how we deal with inequality.

With Meet Me At The Bamboo Table, Anita Verna Crofts takes us around the world, getting to know people through their food.

Let's Fly

Jul 17, 2016

How do you really know when you are grown up?

Santa Fe: 7/09-Castillo has decided to "pull out memory"  in her new memoir Black Dove, mama, mi'jo, and me. 

5/14, Alb.--New Mexico shows evidence of the effectiveness of batterer treatment programs.

6/18 Alb-The recent Stanford rape trial verdict outraged people and as it turns out, went against what we know about campus rapists.

5/28 Alb.-New Mexicans are welcoming women as candidates for political office.

Idalia Lechuga Tena was appointed to House district 21. She is running to retain her seat.

Amanda Kinkaid finds voters prefer women candidates. A third candidate,

Debbie Sarinana, was not available.

5/28-Alb., New Mexicans are welcoming women as candidates for political office, even in highly technical positions.

  Feb. 27, Alb--Women's voices from the House and Senate budget committees say what has been saved in the state's financial future. 

1/09 16 We sat by Gloria's fireplace, just after Christmas to talk about her new book, My Life On The Road.

Sat, 11/14-DOH top priorities for NM- #1, # 2: Dramatically Reduce Teen Pregnancy and Change Public Health to Wellness