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Alb,4/25/21--I interviewed Jessica Bruder, author of Nomadland, Surviving America in the 21st Century-- the book that inspired the film that just won 3 Oscars.

Jessica didn't just interview people who were traveling the country following work opportunities. She spent several years, returning in her own camper, to talk to them and hear about their new adventures and trials. We spoke at the New York office of Jessica's publisher in Sept. 2017.  

Alb., 11/21-At Saturday's Senate Democratic Caucus meeting, Mimi Stewart was chosen as the Democratic nominee for Senate President Pro Tem and Linda Lopez was elected Democratic Whip. Stewart, Lopez, and former senator Dede Feldman were interviewed on KUNM Women's Focus.

10/31--The role of the vice president has changed Elaine Kamarck posits in a 2020 book Picking the Vice President.

A Senior Fellow and Founding Director of the Brookings Center for Effective Public Management, Elaine Kamarck shows that as the way of picking the vice president has changed, so has the job evolved. If Kamala Harris becomes Vice President, she will step into more power and responsibility than in the past.

10/31-SOS Maggie Toulouse Oliver asnwers questions about how ballots will be processed.

Claudia Risner, Jessica Velasquez, and Katy Duhigg are some of the women running for the NM Legislature this year.

10/17--Former District Court judge Shannon Bacon is running to retain her seat on the Supreme Court.

10/17, 10/31--Hear from the women running for New Mexico Court of Appeals:#1 Barbara Johnson, #2 Shammara Henderson v. Gertrude Lee, #3 Jane Yohalem

Alb., 7/18/20--Despite Gallup being then a hotbed of Covid spread, journalist Sherry Robinson felt that she had to go there to tell the story of hospital doctors and nurses who were actively protesting the poor management of the hospital.

Alb., 7/18-Tourism Secretary, Jen Schroer, emphasizes that tourism in New Mexico is an accepted activity even during the pandemic--"we want to protect as many of our cherished tourism assets as we have across the state".

Alb. 7/18/20--Professor at New Mexico Tech and Author of the novel Wild Convictions, Mary Dezember brings us a story grounded in a mystical past but showing the power of women.

9/27, Alb-Ginsburg steered her towards women and the law early on-a New Mexican mourns the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and looks back.

6/13, NM.-With Lands and Lives in Galisteo since 1814, Pueblo Chico, Lucy Lippard illuminates the place where she has lived for more than 25 years.

6/13, Alb.-Bianca Ortiz Wertheim brings her knowledge of DC and of New Mexico to the job.

6/13, Alb.-Miriam Ortiz y Pino talks about the solitude of the pandemic and how to think about using your found time.

5/23, Alb.--Two Democratic women are running in the June 2 primary race for House District 17.

5/23, Alb.-Marian Matthews jumped into the legislative session to fill an empty seat. Now, she wants to continue her work.

5/23, Alb.--New Secretary Elizabeth Groginsksy readies the way that has been in the plans for some years. Launch of NM Early Childhood and Care Dept-July 1.

5/9-Alb. Patricia Roybal Caballero, who is running for a 5th term in House District 13, is facing opposition in the primary and general election.

5/9 Alb.--Two first-time candidates are vying for an open seat in district 20.

5/9, Alb.--"I was mindful that my eyes were giving her lots of feedback because she couldn't see my face otherwise."--Abigail Lanin Eaves

Sat, 4/18-Alb. Accomplished women--we find out why they want to go to Washington.

2/22/20, Alb....Despite frustration with the short legislative session, these women legislators have issues they are working on.

2/22-Alb., What is the value in preserving women's stories? We hear from a New Mexico recorder and a participant in the project that started in Texas.

Hannah Colton / KUNM

Women's Focus, 10/19 Alb. Why bring this campaign funding system to Albuquerque? Three voices who have been taking the message to neighborhoods.

Women's Focus, 6/29-Performance by Indigenous Dance group "Between Underground and Sky World"-6-9pm at James A Little Theater, Santa Fe. We talk to leader Rulan Tangen

Lynn Sanchez

Women's Focus 6/29--When suspected drug trafficking proved to include sex trafficking, Homeland Security officers turned to local advocates to help with relief for victims.

Alb, 6/29--How New Mexico is dealing with kids coming across the border: Bryce Pittenger, Head of Behavioral Health at CYFD works on that problem.

1/19/19, Alb--After years as a journalist and writing two books, Melissa Ludkte is looking back at the effort required to break into sportswriting as a woman.

Alb, 1/19-Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Lushik Wahba came of age during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

11/10/18, Alb-"How are women judged by their age, looks, and race?" historian Nell Painter, having retired as a  professor at Princeton, deals with these questions while commiting herself to a new world-as an art student.