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Wed. 09/24 11a: Gabriel Ayala from the Yaqui Nation shares his vibrant style of music, which he calls Jazz Menco, in his new album "Live At The Mission." This 10-track ensemble of rhythm and energy features the cutting sounds of Flamenco and classical guitar. Ayala is known for his ability to make the guitar strings sing a song of grace and passion. We invite you to join us for our September Music Maker edition as we take in the latest sounds of Gabriel Ayala.

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Tues. 09/23 11a: A new study revealed that substance abuse for American Indian teens is higher than the national average. Are you concerned about drug and alcohol abuse among teens in your community? A study from the University of Michigan found the top three drugs abused by 12th graders in the US are marijuana, synthetic marijuana and the prescription drug Adderall. What are Native American teens using to get high? Where do they get drugs? And how can tribal leaders, parents and teachers spot the signs of drug use and address it?