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Weekly public affairs program featuring interviews with policy makers, advocates, elected officials, artists, musicians and other news makers along with live phone calls from listeners.

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  • Let’s Talk New Mexico 5/5 8am: Being a teen in foster care can be complex. Imagine being taken from home, yearning to belong, or even lacking support when it comes to mental health. For most young adults, turning 18 means new opportunities and experiences. But for kids aging out of the foster care system, coming of age comes with stress and uncertainty of what comes next.
  • Let’s Talk New Mexico 4/28 8am: On March 1,1973, UNM student and member of the Navajo Nation Larry Casuse kidnapped the Gallup Mayor Emmett Garcia and held him for several hours before the standoff ended in the death of the young activist. But what was the context for this tragic event? And how does the history of colonization and exploitation of Native Americans in the US factor into the conditions he was protesting against?
  • On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico we’ll dig into the junior appropriations bill, how to fix it for the sake of transparency, and the ethical considerations when it comes to spending the peoples’ money. We’ll also talk over culture in the legislature and the multiple allegations of untoward behavior by lawmakers like thwarting opponents' in elections (within the rules) and sexual harassment allegations.
  • New Mexico’s Chicano and Chicana culture has long been associated with Mexican roots and activists fighting for workers unions and land rights. But Chicanx culture is deeply influenced by African descendants, as are all the countries in the Americas. On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico we’ll hear about the rise of mixed identity, and how some New Mexicans honor their diverse mixed roots.
  • A newly signed law will make it legal to possess tests to show if a drug contains fentanyl, the number one killer of adults 18-45. But last year, a bill to authorize safe drug consumption sites failed to pass the legislature. On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico we’ll dive into harm reduction strategies, whether they work and why they make people so uncomfortable.
  • On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico, we’re talking about teacher burnout. And we want to hear from you! Are you a teacher experiencing burnout and looking to leave your job? Are you a parent who’s worried about the future of your child’s education?
  • On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico, we’re looking past the day shelters and soup kitchens to ask how chronic homelessness can be solved in the long term. We’ll be tackling the issue with representatives for city governments, non-profit organizations, and folks who offer trauma-informed care to those who have experienced homelessness first-hand.
  • On the next Let's Talk New Mexico we'll talk about the challenges facing non-English language speakers in getting access to essential information and services.
  • The New Mexico legislature gets together en masse once a year, for 30 days in even-numbered years. With such a limited time to meet, their primary duty is to create a budget for next fiscal year. However, the governor has added to the legislative agenda, and among her priorities are making the state a future hub for hydrogen energy, creating a “Media Academy” in our higher education landscape, investments in public education and rural healthcare, and a push to become carbon neutral by 2050.Which priorities would you suggest lawmakers put the most energy behind?
  • This week on Let's Talk New Mexico we're talking hospital staffing shortages as the omicron variant pushes COVID-19 case numbers to record levels.