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Let's Talk New Mexico

Weekly public affairs program featuring interviews with policy makers, advocates, elected officials, artists, musicians and other news makers along with live phone calls from listeners.

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  • Earlier this month, the state of New Mexico decided on next steps away from fossil fuels for transportation by approving regulations prioritizing more low-emissions vehicles on the road – including electric vehicles. But, concerns of infrastructure equity for EVs still remain for a state that remains largely rural.
  • Let’s Talk New Mexico 11/16 8am: Even in New Mexico, we might be thinking about pumpkin flavored everything when fall weather hits, but we’re also lusting after anything with chile, pecan or squash – or maybe a combination of all of them? Have you found creative ways to incorporate local foods into traditional fall dishes?
  • Your city council likely has more impact on your life than any other government entity, however, survey data shows 3/4s of Americans do not attend public meetings and fewer than 1 in 5 have reached out to local governments in the last year. On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico we’ll discuss city councils and we’ll check in on how the recent elections have impacted city councils ideologically, demographically, and functionally.
  • New Mexico schools have been hit hard by chronic absenteeism with about 39% of our students missing 10% or more of school days. On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico, we’ll discuss resources available to address chronic absenteeism and the gaps still needing to be filled.
  • It’s election time and several candidates will be vying for three seats on the Albuquerque Public Schools Board. On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico, we’ll be asking the candidates their thoughts on the current state of education and what their contributions to the board would be.
  • When we think of city growth we might think of a growing population, new housing developments, how sustainable it might be, or even things like increased traffic. On the next Let's Talk New Mexico we'll discuss how our cities are responding and what kind of change can we expect in the coming years.
  • New Mexico’s students are facing challenges both inside and outside the classroom that make learning difficult. A community school model that connects families with resources like healthy meals or mental health counseling is touted as a potential solution. On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico, we’ll discuss how community schools might help our floundering education system.
  • Social media has become a common way for people to communicate and share ideas. However, the U.S. Surgeon General issued an advisory earlier this year about the effects of social media use on young people and their mental health after use of platforms has become nearly universal.
  • For more than two centuries, museums and universities have kept collections of Native American human remains in the name of science. A recent ProPublica report found that despite the promise of the 1990 Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), institutions have continued to hold and use indigenous remains in research projects aimed at things like dating cultivation of corn and showing when migration routes were active.
  • On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico we’ll check in on the return to the office and we’d like to hear from you. Are you still working from home, or are you back at the workplace fulltime? How has work-life changed?