Abortion Debate Flares Up In Albuquerque

Aug 14, 2013

  KUNM Call In Show 8/15 8a: Following closely in the footsteps of Texas, Albuquerque has become the latest abortion battleground in our nation.  

While the Albuquerque City Clerk verifies signatures on the first of its kind abortion ban ballot initiative to be introduced at a municipal level, coalitions are being formed on both sides of the issue, protests have been held, and rallies are being scheduled.  

We'll speak with coalition members - both for and against - about their plans for moving forward on the issue.  We'll also take a look at the constitutionality of the proposed ordinance and explore the legality and propriety of protest methods.  

We'd like to hear from you! You can email callinshow@kunm.org, post your comments online, or call in live during the show. 

277-5866 (locally in Albuquerque)

1-877-899-5866 (toll-free)