Abortion Rates Decline In New Mexico

Jun 8, 2015

A survey by the Associated Press has revealed that fewer abortions are happening around the country, and New Mexico is among the six states that have seen the biggest drop. 

The abortion rate fell by almost a full quarter—24 percent—in New Mexico since 2010, according to the AP. 

Lalita Russ, a field organizer with Planned Parenthood here, said it’s important to note that the decline happened both in states that did not pass laws to limit access to abortion—and those that did.

"It’s not an effective strategy," she said. "If folks are interested in decreasing abortion, what we need is an increased access to family planning, contraception, as well as education."

Abortion opponents say the falling rates are the result of a cultural shift in which more women recognize the humanity of an unborn fetus.