Achoo: It's Sneezing Season

Apr 10, 2018

Sat. 3/14, 12p: Spring is here and so is allergy season.  On Women's Focus, Dr. Dairne McLoughlin returns to talk with Carol Boss on decreasing allergy symptoms according to Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the foods to eat and how to prepare them.   Also on the show: director Leena Penharkar, whose film "20 Weeks" opens in theaters this week.

Dr. D visits Women's Focus four times each year to discuss eating and living well in all the seasons.

"20 Weeks", Director Leena Pendharkar's film is a personal one inspired by her and her husband's need to make hard decisions when in mid-pregnancy it's discovered  there are several potentially serious health conditions caused by a genetic anomaly.  The film follows a young couple navigating their first pregnancy and gives an honest and intimate look at the pressures surrounding pregnancy and relationships.