“All My Friends Know the Lowriter…”

Mar 4, 2014

Mon. 10 March, 7p: Santino J. Rivera, editor with Broken Sword Publications, sits down with host Adam Aguirre to take a look at the iconic yet misunderstood Chicano mystery man, the “Lowrider,” through the works collected in the newly released anthology, Lowriting – Shots, Rides and Stories from the Chicano Soul. The Lowrider comes into focus through the eyes of Los Angeles-based photographer Art Meza, and we come to understand the Lowrider’s message, his meaning, his soul, through the words of Lowriters everywhere, including several from here in New Mexico. Hard and fast, bajito y suavecito, take a little trip. (Los cencerros son opcionales.)

Credit Back Cover: "Lowriting – Shots, Rides and Stories from the Chicano Soul"

Credit Santino J. Rivera