APD Internal Investigator Questioned By Prosecution

Sep 22, 2016

The detective who oversaw the internal investigation into James Boyd’s killing continued testimony Thursday, Sept. 22, in the trial of two Albuquerque police officers charged with second-degree murder. 

The prosecution asked Geoffrey Stone questions that were angled at highlighting how the officers were treated differently than other potential homicide suspects.

For one, investigators got a briefing on the shooting at the scene from the same K-9 officer whose life the defense says Keith Sandy thought he was protecting. "That’s kind of my fault," Det. Stone said on the stand. "I did not realize until after he briefed me just how involved he was. So it is not customary for me to do that." 

Stone also testified that Sandy and Dominique Perez, the officers who shot Boyd, left the scene that night without giving statements about what happened.