Audit: NM Sexual Assault Programs Not In Compliance

Oct 30, 2013

An audit conducted by the Department of Justice says the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs failed to comply with essential grant conditions when handling about $4-million dollars in federal awards over the last six years. 

According to the audit by the Office of Inspector General Audit Division (OIG), there were conflicts of interest when hiring; questionable payroll costs; and inadequate monitoring of contracts, sub-grantees and timesheets, to name a few of the findings.

Kim Alaburda is Executive Director with the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Program. She said the audit is helping the Coalition strengthen their programs, and they are now working with the feds to fix their practices.

“[The Department of Justice] get their findings from OIG, and then you work with the Office On Violence Against Women to show that your processes have changed, that your policies have changed and strengthened, and that you’re ready to be a better organization then you were,” said Alaburda. “That’s where we’re at right now."

Alaburda said the audit won’t affect the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Program's abilities to deliver services or secure funding in the future. Grants audited include awards for rural domestic violence programs; assistance to sexual assault coalitions around New Mexico; and training and services to the End Violence and Abuse of Women Later in Life program.