Automatic Voter Registration Bill Goes To N.M. House

Feb 12, 2019

Eligible New Mexicans would be automatically registered to vote at Department of Motor Vehicles offices under a bill that lawmakers advanced Monday. 

Now, when you get your driver’s license, the folks at the DMV ask if you want to register to vote. This bill would make registering to vote automatic unless you don’t want to - you’d have to opt out. 

Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver told the House Judiciary Committee Monday the measure would make voter registration more effective and save money. 

“It’s a really minor change," said Toulouse Oliver. "But we think it’s a change that will help ensure a greater number of registered voters and an even greater number of accurate voter records.” 

The bill could increase voter registration applications by 30 percent according to her office’s analysis. 

It passed 9 to 4 and now goes to the House floor.