Bones Discovered On The West Mesa Near Mass Grave

Jul 3, 2018

UPDATE: The Office of the Medical Investigator determined that the bones construction workers found are ancient and not related to the gravesite discovered in 2009.

Construction crews on the West Mesa of Albuquerque came across bones Tuesday morning that appear to be human. Workers were digging into undeveloped land about one-quarter of a mile away from where the bodies of eleven women were unearthed years ago. That case is still unsolved. 

The newly discovered skeletal remains are still partially buried, said Albuquerque Police Department spokesperson Simon Drobik, and though it’s too early to tell, officers are hoping this is evidence that helps identify the killer in the years-old case. "We obviously know that this will open up old wounds for the original victims’ families," he said. "But we’re hoping always. The main goal is to get closure for the families and solve this case."

The entire area may have to be excavated, Drobik warned neighbors, and it might be a long process. Detectives in 2009 said there might be more gravesites on the mesa.

APD’s police chief Michael Geier worked the case nine years ago. He says these new bones could be part of a separate, more recent homicide, they could be very old, or they could belong to several women who went missing in the same time period. APD has DNA samples from other missing women on file for comparison.

The Office of the Medical Investigator will examine these remains, but results could take months.