Book Explores How To Bounce Back From Betrayal

Aug 25, 2019

Women's Focus 8/24 Noon: We have all experienced betrayal at some time in our lives. It might have been by a lover, by a friend, in our job or in our family. The new book “Betrayed: A Survivor’s Guide to Lying, Cheating, and Double Dealing” highlights actual stories of betrayal. It offers a roadmap for how to deal with it and, sometimes, how to get even.

The related website offers a self-assessment and a chance to share stories of betrayal.

Susan Stautberg

This interview features one of the book's authors, Susan Stautberg. She is a founder of the Belizean Grove and a cofounder of Women Corporate Directors Foundation. She’s also a governance advisor to Atlantic Street Capital. Her co-author is Elaine Eisenman, who holds a doctorate in industrial and organizational psychology.