KUNM Regular Programming

A Bus Ride Through Stories Of Albuquerque Life

Nov 9, 2018

Passengers can board a transit bus this month to take an unofficial and eccentric ride through Albuquerque.  They become participants in a theatrical experience titled Promenade.  The concept was created by Stereo Akt of Budapest, then spread through Europe, and was brought to Albuquerque by the adventurous local theatre company, q-Staff.  Trips continue through December 2.

Seated in the bus, audiences watch scenes taking place around the city.  "And passengers are wearing headsets,"  says Sandy Timmerman, q-Staff's Managing Director and on-board stage manager, "listening to monologues from the performers, stories from the city, music and live ambient sound from what's happening outside."  The format for Promenade is Eastern European, but "the content is created by the people, the performers and musicians of Albuquerque, for Albuquerque."

In this longer version of the conversation, Sandy describes the long development and rehearsal process q-Staff went through under the direction of Stereo Akt's founder, Martin Boross, to bring Promenade to Albuquerque.