Captain Hoff & the Tech Trends Changing Everything Ep2: Equitable Distribution

Aug 9, 2021

Imagine: A world where cities run under the benign guidance of an AI; robots plant and harvest our food; and nanotechnology performs what seems like medical miracles. People hack their own genes, connect their brains to the internet, and implant tech to experience the world in ways humans have never known. Travel, and even living on other planets is no longer a fantasy, but a matter of affordability. While these scenarios seem lifted from a sci-fi novel, this technology is currently under development, and holds the potential to fundamentally transform what being human means.

On this program we’re talking about The Five Forces That Change Everything with author Steve Hoffman, aka Captain Hoff, the CEO of Founders Space, named one of the Forbes “Top 10” startup accelerators. Steve is also a venture investor and serial entrepreneur.