CD1 Candidate: Antoinette Sedillo Lopez

May 29, 2018

Antoinette Sedillo Lopez

Sat., 5/12/18--ASL would cast a law professor's eye to enhance Congress's role in federal balance of power.

She touts her experience as an advocate for immigrant victims of domestic violence and working for equity issues in New Mexico. Running as someone who is not a political insider, Antoinette says that it was former students who called for to get into the race, "We need your voice in Congress."

Endorsed by: Sierra Club, Latino Victory Fund, Committee for Hispanic Causes, Working Families, Blue America, PODER-Pac (pro-Choice Latinas), People for Bernie, Unions—IBEW, Building and Construction Trades; Congressional: Roybal-Allard, Grijalva, Gallego, Sanchez, Raskin; NM elected: Candelaria, Tallman, Lopez, Chasey, Garcia, Trujillo, Bearce, Hamilton, Tristani, Madrid, Canales