CD1 Candidate: Deb Haaland

May 29, 2018

Deb Haaland, with daughter Somah

Sat., 5/12--Former Democratic Party Chair, Deb Haaland wants to move her advocacy to Washington as a strong voice for the people of New Mexico.

"Getting big money out of politics, Medicare for all, moving into a renewable energy economy--- I felt that I could be an effective voice in Congress, and so, that's why I'm running." If elected, Deb would be the first Native American woman to serve in the House.

Endorsed by: Planned Parenthood, AFT NM, Ole, NOW, Congressional Black Caucus, Moms Demand Action, Equality NM, American Postal Workers, Winona Laduke; Congressional: Jayapal, Blumenauer, Johnson, Lee, Cicilline, Honda, Khauna, Reid, Hanabuse, Moore; NM elected: Roybal-Caballero, Armstrong, Louis, Javier Martinez      former CD1 candidate: Pat Davis