Chief Has Few Answers On Latest Police Shooting

Apr 21, 2014


  UPDATE 4/23 1:45 p: Two days after Albuquerque police shot and killed a 19-year-old female who was suspected of truck theft, the chief of the troubled department says he has little information about the latest shooting.

At a press conference this morning Chief Gorden Eden said police were unable to recover video from the body camera worn by the officer who shot Mary Hawkes. He also said he did not know if the gun allegedly found by her body was loaded or how many times she was shot. In addition Eden could not way whether Hawkes was facing the officer when she was killed, or whether any other officers' cameras captured the event, or if any witnesses have corroborated the officer's statement that the woman pulled a gun on him.

Hawkes is the third person to be killed by Albuquerque officers in five weeks and the first since the department was put under federal orders ordered to reduce the use of deadly force.

UPDATE 4/23 11a: APD has identified the police officer who killed Mary Hawkes, 19, as Jeremy Dear. He is also known for having changed his testimony regarding the shooting of Alan Gomez in 2011, according to KRQE. The news station has questioned how APD knows Hawkes brandished a gun Monday but not received a reply.

A mentor has described the teen as a fan of music and animals, and said she was "trying to figure the world out." 

UPDATE 4/22 8a: The woman who was shot Monday by Albuquerque police officers has been identified as 19-year-old Mary Hawkes, adopted daughter of retired Valencia County Magistrate Danny Hawkes.

The Albuquerque Journal reports Mary Hawkes had gotten into trouble with the law on multiple occasions—for public drinking and shop-lifting as an adult and for attempted criminal sexual contact with a child as a juvenile. 


Albuquerque police have confirmed that the auto theft suspect shot Monday morning by an officer was a woman.

The woman's name has not yet been released. Officer Tasia Martinez says authorities are working to notify her relatives.

Police Chief Gorden Eden says the shooting happened during a chase. He says as the officer was running after the woman, the woman stopped, turned and pointed a gun.

No other details were immediately available.

The shooting is the third by officers in the troubled department in just over a month and the first on the heels of a federal investigation that faulted the department for excessive force and a culture of abuse and aggression.