Child Homelessness High In New Mexico

Nov 18, 2014

Credit Runs With Scissors via Flickr / Creative Commons License

The number of kids who are homeless is at an all time high in America, according to a new report by the National Center on Child Homelessness, and New Mexico has one of the most severe child homelessness problems in the country.

The report says nearly one in three kids here live in poverty, and while progress has been made in reducing homelessness among veterans and chronically homeless people, children have not received the same attention.

“We have a minimum wage that’s far below what a family would need to rent a modest two bedroom apartment,” said Lisa Huval of the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness. “And I also think the report shows that as a state, we’re not really doing enough from a planning and policy perspective to address child homelessness.”

The report says solutions should include more investment in affordable housing and better access to mental health care.