Coco O'Connor

Jun 5, 2018

Coco O'Connor
Credit All Access Music


 Since emerging from her Bluegrass roots in Alabama, singer/songwriter  Coco O'Connor has charted a musical course through Country, Roots & Rock styles, but she calls her newest release "This Ol' War" her most "totally me record" yet. For this Studio C visit she & her guitar lay down the folk side of her new work.  In the interview this Santa Fean explains how she chose to make such a personal record in a Nashville studio. Recorded by Matthew Finch, June, 1 2018, the musicians are: Coco O'Connor: vocals, guitarFifth Beatle: Taylor O'Connor Follow Coco here: cocooconnor.comLearn more about Wolf Rescue here: saintfranciswolfsanctuary.org