Creativity For Peace: A Conversation With Executive Director Dottie Indyke

Jul 19, 2019

Sat. 7/13, 12p Women's Focus: Carol Boss interviews Dottie Indyke, who is retiring as Executive Director of Creativity For Peace, an organization based in Santa Fe whose mssion is to train young Israeli and Palestinian women to partner as leaders and prepare them to be the next generation of female peace leaders.  

Dottie shares stories of their challenges and successes when they first come to Creativity For Peace as high school-aged girls for a 3 week camp, sometimes meeting their "enemy" for the very first time. They learn to listen with compassion and speak with authenticity, transforming anger and prejudice to mutual respect as well as inspiring action to promote equality and peace. 

Before coming to Creativity For Peace, Dottie's work has focused on nonprofit management, media and the arts. She was founder and director of Children's Radio Theater, a children's radio production company whose programs were broadcast on NPR radio stations across the country and was the recipient of numerous awards including the prestigious Peabody Award. She was also a freelance journalist and wrote articles on art for national and local publications