DA: Murder Charges Against APD Officers In Boyd Case

Jan 12, 2015

DA Brandenburg said Monday she believes the evidence against Albuquerque officers Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez is strong enough to hold up in court.
Credit Rita Daniels

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg charged two Albuquerque police officers on Monday with murder in the death of homeless camper James Boyd.

Brandenburg said this is the first officer-involved shooting case in her tenure as DA where she believes there is probable cause for indictments.

“We want to share all of the information with the public,” Brandenburg said at a press conference. “We want them to see it as it’s unfolding. I think that it is critical to be transparent and I believe that will be part of the healing process.”

The public will be able witness first hand all the evidence against officers Keith Sandy and Dominque Perez at an open preliminary hearing. 

“Our job is to do justice and to do the best that we can presenting all of the important evidence,” Bandenburg said. “Then the court will make a decision.”

The final charges could range from first degree murder to aggravated assault.   

Correction: A version of this story was broadcast stating that the charges were the first criminal charges ever filed against Albuquerque police officers. They are not. We regret the error.