Debs In Canton, Can We Learn From History

Oct 19, 2020

Debs In Canton
Credit ZCSC

Sunday, October 25    6 pm

We are focusing on a moment in our nation's young history that stands out as its most singular: A time when Americans grappled with income inequality and racial injustice, when young American soldiers were shipped abroad, a time of struggle for the character of a country, when immigrants struggled to find footing in an unwelcoming society. A time when working families struggled to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads, when education for our children was threatened. A time when daily life floundered under an uncontrolled, terrifying pandemic that is claiming hundreds of thousands of lives. 

But it's not 2020, it's 1918. Just 102 years ago, Eugene Victor Debs led a progressive movement in America, one that was facing the pivotal questions we are asking as you read this. The pivotal ideas catching fire today, the ideas that pulled us out of the Great Depression - like the New Deal, were first envisioned and articulated by the co-founder of the Socialist Party of America. Is it possible that he was right all along, and the road to our salvation was paved over a century ago by one of American history's greatest moral thinkers?

'Debs In Canton stars an award-winning cast led by Phil Proctor as Eugene V. Debs (Rugrats and Firesign Theater) and features Robert Fass, P.J. Ochlan, L.J. Ganser, Melinda Peterson, Doug Shapiro, Anne Bobby