Downtown Exodus Or Revitalization?

Nov 17, 2015

KUNM Call In Show Thu. 11/19 8a:


In the past few months there's been an exodus of high-profile companies leaving Albuquerque's downtown area, including nearly half of the big banks, a pioneering restaurant and the city's business newspaper. 

That's left people who work and live downtown worried that the decade-old revitalization effort is failing as economic drivers are attracted to other parts of the city. 

So what does the future hold for Downtown Albuquerque? And what lessons can the city learn from the struggles and successes of other New Mexico communities that have tried to preserve and revitalize their own historic cores?

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Rich Williams, Director of New Mexico Mainstreet Program. The main street program is part of the New Mexico Economic Development Department. 

Lola Bird, Executive Director of the Downtown ABQ Mainstreet program. 

George Lujan, Communications Organizer for the Southwest Organizing Project. A group that works to empower low-income communities of color. 

Mayor Richard J. Berry, Mayor of Albuquerque.