Evening News Update Friday June 21st

Jun 21, 2013

Border Security Amendment Offered In Senate -Associated Press

An agreement to vastly increase fencing, patrols and high-tech monitoring along the U.S.-Mexico border has been formally unveiled in the Senate. The measure backed by Democrats and Republicans is an amendment to a sweeping immigration bill that, with its inclusion, now looks headed for passage next week with substantial bipartisan support. The amendment would double Border Patrol agents, add hundreds of miles of fencing, and spend billions on everything from helicopters to drones to watchtowers.


Erratic Silver Fire Now 70 square Miles -Associated Press

An erratic wildfire in southern New Mexico's Gila National Forest that is spilling smoke columns 30,000 feet high has grown to nearly 70 square miles. Officials say the Silver Fire, which is 20 percent contained, expanded due to drier conditions and low humidity. Crews are working on building a fire line.