Featuring Local Authors: Ana Baca, Noel Chilton & Susan Gardner

Sep 3, 2011

Sat. 9/10 at noon: This week on Women's Focus, Susan Loubet talks with three local authors - artist and poet Susan Gardner on her memoir "Drawing the Line" and Ana Baca and Noel Chilton on their delicious children's story "Tia's Tamales."

About Susan Gardner:

Drawing the Line is a powerfully evocative memoir of a life that starts in New York City and crosses East Asia, Western Europe, Latin America, and the American southwest. It presents a record of love, adventure, sorrow, and redemption. It recounts a life spent largely in motion, and the determined struggle to reach personal fulfillment in the face of contrary demands and persistent upheaval.

Susan Gardner is an internationally known painter, photographer, and poet. She has been a house builder, teacher and landscape designer. She makes her home and her art in Santa Fe.

About T?a's Tamales

By Ana Baca & Noel Chilton

Ana Baca's bilingual tale of how two children from different generations learn to make their family recipe for tamales will delight readers of her earlier picture books that combine folklore and traditional cuisine.

Luz's school day is canceled because of snow and her abuela decides it's the perfect time to teach her to make tamales, just as Abuela's father, Diego, was taught by his tía on a long-ago winter day.

As Abuela tells it, when Tía showed up unexpectedly at Diego's home, the pantry was almost bare with only a few dried squash, two pumpkins, three onions, a bundle of dried corn, and one red chile ristra on the shelves. Diego didn't think they'd be able to do much with such meager ingredients, but by the end of the afternoon, Tía had taught him that with laughter and a little embellishment, a delicious meal can be made from almost nothing.

Slideshow photo: Susan Gardner