Fostering Better Learning Through Studying Design

Apr 18, 2019

University Showcase 4/19 8a: How can studying design help children with math and geometry? How does the design of a classroom help or hinder academic achievement? On this episode, we talk with Anne Taylor. She has spent much of her career creating learning environments that foster innovation and intrigue at schools, in the United States and internationally.

Anne Taylor

Taylor believes our current educational models are broken and children should have more say in their education. She’s a Distinguished and Regents Professor Emerita with the School of Architecture and Planning. She is also the author of "Linking Architecture and Education: Sustainable Design of Learning Environments." This year Taylor received the Collaborative Achievement Award by the American Institute of Architects, which recognizes persons who work with those outside the profession to improve the spaces where people live and work.

Taylor is also president of the School Zone Institute, which designs learning environments and curriculum that integrate design into K-12 education. We also talk with Prinicipal Christy Sigmon of the Janet Kahn School of Integrated Arts in Albuquerque, which worked with Taylor.


  • Anne Taylor, Distinguished and Regents Professor Emerita with the UNM School of Architecture and Planning
  • Christy Sigmon, principal of Janet Kahn School of Integrated Arts

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