Freedom In The Wings

Sep 28, 2020

Freedom in the Wings
Credit ZCSC

Sunday, October 4   6 pm

Two short plays by Tanya Barfield and Kate T. Billingsley. Sam Waterston and John Douglas Thompson star in this offering from Playing on Air.  It features two short plays about American Black History.  

The 1840s South. In the thick plantation air, two enslaved sisters spin a poetry of escape. Today’s the day: Field Girl is making her run for freedom. Inspired by oral histories of slavery and resistance. This short play Wanting North by Tonya Barfield features Obie winner April Matthis and Rebecca Frank.  In the second short play, A Man of His Time, a descendant of 1857 Dred Scott decision invites a descendant of Dred Scott to meet him at a highway diner halfway between Virginia and Vermont. Scott shows up. It stars Sam Waterston as the contemporary Taney and John Douglas Thompson as the contemporary Scott. Estelle Parsons directs.