Getting Lost This Summer: The Best Summer (Beach) Reads

Jul 9, 2021

Sat. Women's Focus 7/10, 12p: It's summer and for many it's a time for relaxing and for reading and it's a time when the annual lists for the best summer reads are published. Carol Boss recorded a fun conversation with 2 NM writers (Lynn C Miller and Christina Squire) who are also "extreme" readers who have newly published mysteries (a genre which is always a favorite in summertime).  We talk about what kind of books make the lists and what are the characteristics of those genres that make them good summer reads (also called "beach reads").

Carol also speaks with Dr. Dairne McLaughlin, who visits Women's Focus each new season to talk about living and eating well according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Summer is the season of abundance and we'll talk about the foods that are excellent for the summer and aid in cooling us in a time of extreme temperatures.