The Good Doctor Makes A House Call And Offers A Second Opinion

Oct 27, 2014

Mon. Oct. 26th, 7p: Dr. Lane Leckman is a life-long Albuquerque resident and UNM area neighbor, a graduate of and a former professor at the UNM School of Medicine, and now a happily retired psychiatrist. He´ll talk about his work with the American Immigration Lawyers Association and his involvement with the New Mexico Faith Coalition for Immigrant Justice in providing necessary legal, medical, and psychiatric services for some of the 600 women and children currently detained at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, NM.

Months after a wave of women, children, families crossing the border led to mass detentions in Artesia and elsewhere, the detentions continue as the legal implications play out in the media, the courts, and the political arena. Dr. Leckman offers some interesting observations based on his visits to the Center and on the assessments he has conducted on residents there;  his no-nonsense approach and descriptions are refreshingly candid and compassionate. As we soon realize we’re all neighbors, the kind who help neighbors in need, anytime and anyplace they need it. We don’t need a second opinion on that!

Credit Photo Credit: Ferrán Jordá (Creative Commons License)