Gov. Martinez Has Sizeable Lead Over King

Aug 18, 2014

Credit Pad Kirsch via Flickr / Creative Commons License

Gov. Susana Martinez has a sizeable lead over Democrat Gary King in her re-election campaign, according to a new poll.

Results from an Albuquerque Journal poll released Sunday show that about 50 percent of voters surveyed say they plan to vote for the Republican governor. About 41 percent say they would vote for Attorney General King. Nine percent remain undecided.

Overall, Martinez leads King in most regions of the state.

Martinez also has backing from one in five Democrats polled and leads among independent voters.

The nation's first female Hispanic governor, however, trails among Hispanic voters with 36 percent supporting her and 56 percent supporting King.

Research & Polling Inc. conducted the poll, which has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.