Governor Announces College Internship Portal

Sep 9, 2015

College students could have an easier time finding professional internships next year. Governor Susana Martinez announced a proposal Tuesday for an online internship portal hosted by the Department of Workforce Solutions.

The “Student Works” portal is meant to streamline the application process for New Mexico college students looking for internships, as well as provide a site for local employers to advertise available internships. With all the information centralized, students would not have the hassle of scouring the web for work experience. 

“If you don’t try it out [internships], if you don’t have that real life experience," Martinez explained, "you won’t know until you’re done with college. And once you’ve graduated, it might not have been the right thing for you.”

Martinez said she's positive the portal will help college students find and begin life-long careers.

The state Department of Workforce Solutions is expected to launch the site in early 2016.