Handcrafted / The Money Episode

Sep 27, 2017

Sun, October 1, 11a: PART 1: Theory: I believe the only way to scale is to do things that don't scale.

If you want your company to truly scale, you first have to do things that don't scale. Hand-craft the core experience. Get your hands dirty. Serve your customers one-by-one. And don't stop until you know exactly what they want. That's what Brian Chesky did. As CEO of Airbnb, his early work was more akin to a travelling salesman. He takes us back to his lean years — when he went door-to-door, meeting Airbnb hosts in person.

PART 2: Theory: I believe as an entrepreneur you need to raise more money than you think you need — and potentially a LOT more.

Think you've raised enough money for your startup? Think again. You have to run through a minefield of unexpected expenses as an entrepreneur. And you never know where the big opportunity will come from. So always, always raise more money than you think you need. Mariam Naficy shares her white-knuckle experiences founding startups that survived two financial crashes — online cosmetic company Eve.com in the 90s, and founder and designer boutique Minted.com today.