Heinrich Talks Bipartisanship and Clean Energy

Nov 7, 2018

Democratic U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich won a second term last night, beating Republican Mick Rich and Libertarian Gary Johnson.

Sen. Heinrich talked about job creation in New Mexico during his victory speech, promising more work on the military bases and at the national labs, especially in clean energy. "In the coming decades, we will re-power America with clean, domestic energy from New Mexico," he said. "The state will be at the heart of that transition."

After he addressed the crowd, he said one of the reasons his campaign did so well this election cycle is because it stayed positive, avoiding the divisive rhetoric and finger-pointing that plagued so many political races. "We didn’t sow those divisions," he said. "We didn’t try to drive wedges."

Heinrich said New Mexico can set a different tone in the national immigration debate, because people here live near the border and understand it, and public officials know the issues in a way the rest of the country doesn’t. "We don’t need a third-century wall in the 21st century," he said. "That’s not smart security."

It’s time for reality-based immigration reform, he said, and protections for Dreamers.