How APD Handles Mental Health Crisis Calls

Nov 19, 2014

Mentally ill James Boyd in a standoff with police in March
Credit Screenshot from video provided by APD through an IPRA request


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The Department of Justice is requiring APD to figure out how to respond to people in mental health crisis with the goal of decreasing the use of force in those situations. The agreement between the DOJ and Albuquerque’s police force also calls for APD to provide crisis intervention training to all officers.

This year, public health reporter Marisa Demarco has been covering people with mental health issues cycling through the criminal justice system. She’ll be hosting the show next week to talk specifics on the DOJ agreement and what can be done practically to minimize harm to mentally ill city residents during their interactions with police.

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  • Lt. Glenn St. Onge of APD's Crisis Intervention Team
  • Dr. Nils Rosenbaum, psychiatrist with APD's Crisis Intervention Team 
  • Jeremy Jaramillo, associate director at Agora Crisis Center

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